Where is the Teradata Systems Support Roadmap and Compatibility Matrix for Teradata Platforms, Software and Associated Components? WrittenOct 5, 2017


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Where can I find information about Teradata product maintenance policies?
Where can I find information about the OS and database compatibility of Teradata products?
Where can I find information about the compatibility requirements of and between the various TMS applications such as Viewpoint and Unity Director?


This article contains the following attachments:
DatabaseSWRelease15_10.ppt:  Explains the release numbering for Teradata Database TD 15.10 & below.  It also includes Major, Minor, Maintenance Release and e-fix info. 
Database_SW_Releases_16.xx.pptx:   Explains the new release cadence & numbering for Teradata Database TD 16.10 & later versions, as well as the new release version numbering convention.
Teradata 16.10 Extended Support Explains support for 16.10 has been extended to 3 years with 2 years of EDM
TeradataPlatformDiscontinuationRoadmap Describes the Sales and Support Discontinuation dates for all Teradata platforms.  
  • Minimum Teradata Database versions and OS versions supported on a particular hardware platform.
  • Minimum platform configurations certified for various platform models, including memory and hard drives.
TeradataSystemSupportLifecycle:  Describes the compatibility of all the Teradata Database and TTU releases with the various Operating Systems. 
It also describes when each Teradata DBS and TTU release goes out of Maintenance and Extended Database Maintenance, and provides links toTeradata BAR SW Lifecycle Policy and Dates as well as providing BAR compatibility information.
How To Locate TTU_OS Compatibility:  This link takes you to a public website for Teradata Information Engineering.  Using the navigation provided you can filter on which TTU versions you have interest.  The resulting matrices will show the TTU-OS compatibility, by TTU release.
BAR Compatibility Matrix: Contains all the BAR Products and associated compatibilities.
  • The compatibility between the versions
  • Which Teradata, Aster and Hadoop versions are supported
  • Which Browsers are supported
  • Which OS is required for each application
  • What the version of the application’s internal repository is.
  • The availability dates and planned availability dates for recent application versions.
  • The Maintenance Policy for TMS applicationsThis document contains a variety of information about the TMS Applications (Viewpoint, Unity Director/Loader, Unity Ecosystem Manager and Unity Data Mover) and Data Labs Portlets, including:

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Here is a separate article on QueryGrid product certification and lifecycle information  (KCS001621)