How to add new mainframe connection on TDVM? WrittenSep 26, 2017


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How to add new mainframe connection on TDVM?




# There are 2 ways to implement Mainframe connection.

  1. When deploy a Teradata VM.
     1) In the file, enter the TDP logical host ID in the LHID field.  

     2) Add the vNodes to the appropriate MVSetc.hosts file in correct format.

     3) Edit the TDP parama file to add the NP information

     4) Ping the VM from the mainframe to confirm the deployment. 

  2. If you have already deployed a Teradata VM
      You can execute a script to connect with a mainframe computer.
     1) Execute the script on the deployed VM.
     # sh /var/opt/teradata/tvme/script/ tdpid=LHID
         where LHID is the TDP logical host ID.
# Customer need to open an Change Control to implement mainframe connection.   

Special Considerations

Additional Information
See details in 'Connecting with a Mainframe Computer'​ section on 'TDVM Getting Started Guide' manual.