How to troubleshoot csp? WrittenSep 1, 2017

 This is a Troubleshooting Procedure (aka PSM)

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PDE - Parallel Database Extensions

How to troubleshoot csp? Following are different issues with csp / crashdump -

crashdump is not listing

(1) 'csp -mode list' is not listing dumps from all the nodes.

(2) 'csp -mode list' is not showing the crashdump in correct format. e.g.

pde5500-9:~ # csp -mode list
csp: Searching for dumps in raw dump directory /var/opt/teradata/tddump
csp: 3 dumps found, 2 dumps to process
csp: Sel   ID (date-time-token)   Nodes  Event  Instigator         Status
csp: ---  ----------------------  -----  -----  ---------------    ------
csp:  *   2013/05/13-10:43:04-01      4  10196  0/0/(8361) 
csp:  *   2013/04/30-10:28:30-01      4  10196  0/0/(4087) 
csp:      dump_20130506_084553_1-09_1        1         41          dump belongs to a different PDE version
pde5500-9:~ #

(3) ‘csp –mode list’ gives one of the errors -
*FATAL* csp:  Partition 46 is busy
*FATAL* csp:  Another instance of csp is running


crashdump is not clearing

'csp -mode clear' is not clearing crashdump.


crashdump is not saving

'csp -force -mode save' or, 'csp -mode save' is giving error or its not saving the crashdump.


crashdump upload to the GSC is failing



'csp -mode list' issue

  • 'csp -mode list' shows dumps only from the nodes which are in the configuration. Get all the nodes in the configuration so that 'csp -mode list' will show dumps from all the TPA nodes.
  • If 'csp -mode list' shows that the dump belongs to different PDE version, then, its not csp issue.
  • If  'csp -mode list' shows 'Required files are missing or corrupted', then, go to /var/opt/teradata/tddump/<dumpname> directory and ‘tail dumpinfo.txt’. If it is incomplete dump, check /var/log/messages. This is DMP issue and not csp issue.
  • If its partition busy issue, follow SB 229.


'csp -mode clear' issue

  • If its giving error 'Partition 46 is busy or *FATAL* csp:  Another instance of csp is running' then follow SB 229.
  • Last resort is to remove the crashdump from /var/opt/teradata/tddump/<dump_name> directory by using the Linux rm command.


'csp -mode save' issue

  • If you are trying to save a crashdump, database has to be at RUN/STARTED with logons enabled.
  • If the crashdump save is progressing, wait till it finishes.
  • Is crashdump save is not progressing because the system is 100% busy, then try to save the dump when system is not busy.
  • If there is not enough space in the crashdumps database, save the dump after making space.
  • If crashdumps password is not crashdumps, then to be able to save a dump, specify – ‘csp –force –mode save –password <password>’ where, <password> is the crashdumps password.
  • If its partition busy issue, then follow SB 229.


crashdump upload to the GSC is failing

If csppeek output doesn't give any error, then crashdump upload to the GSC is not csp issue. Contact GSC-DBS team.

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