Downrev node software detected showing in SMweb WrittenApr 14, 2017


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CMIC 12.05.01 and later has a software dependency check for Axeda on the SWS, Viewpoint Server, and Dump Server.  If the dependency check fails you will see the following message "Downrev node software detected" in SMweb to the right of the SWS, Viewpoint Server, or Dump Server. 
NOTE:  In CMIC 12.08.01 an later you could see "Incompatible node software detected" rather than "Downrev node software detected" but they both mean the same thing.  Refer to JIRA SM-24577 for details.

Axeda, Viewpoint, and Dump Server versions

Axeda on SWS, Dump Server,  or Viewpoint Server software not compatible with CMIC Version

The following software dependencies must match or you will get the message ​"Downrev node software detected" in SMweb to the right of the SWS, Viewpoint Server, or Dump Server
Axeda on SWS - - - - - - - - - - - -  If Axeda is installed on the SWS it must match the CMIC Version i.e.  CMIC 12.07.04 must have Axeda 12.07.04 installed on the SWS
NOTE:   For the SWS, this problem can also occur when Axeda is configured on the CMIC and also installed on the SWS.
              Axeda should never be configured on the CMIC and SWS at the same time due to conflicts
Dump Server -  - - - - - - - - - - - -  If the system has a Dump Server then the teradata-axeda-dumps package on the Dump Server must match the CMIC Version
Viewpoint Server -  - - - - - - - - - Use the following information to determine the Viewpoint compatibility
The matrix below is needed to satisfy the requirement for smportlets compatibility and to avoid the "Downrev node software detected" message in SMweb
NOTEIf the CMIC Version is upgraded to 12.08.x or later and EPOD is being used, then the minimum Viewpoint version required for EPOD to work is Ref to KCS017037

Viewpoint Version                            SM Portlets Version           CMIC Version
16.20, 16.10,16.00,15.10                 15.11.05                               12.08.06
16.20, 16.10,16.00,15.10                 15.11.05                               12.08.05
16.20, 16.10,16.00,15.10                 15.11.05                               12.08.04
16.20, 16.10,16.00,15.10                 15.11.04                               12.08.03
16.20, 16.10,16.00,15.10                 15.11.04                               12.08.02
16.20, 16.10,16.00,15.10                 15.11.04                               12.08.01

16.20, 16.10,16.00,15.10                 15.11.03                               12.07.04
16.20, 16.10,16.00,15.10                 15.11.03                               12.07.03
16.20, 16.10,16.00,15.10                 15.11.03                               12.07.02
16.20, 16.10,16.00,15.10                 15.11.02                               12.07.01
16.20, 16.10,16.00,15.10                 15.11.01                               12.06.01
16.20, 16.10,16.00,15.10                 15.11.00                               12.05.02
NOTE:  Viewpoint will still run with CMIC 12.02 and smportlets 15.11.x with the exception of 15.11.01 due to the problem reported in JIRA SM-24412.  If for some
             reason the matrix cannot be followed, then the message "Downrev node software detected" in SMweb will not go away, and some of the features in Viewpoint
             will not work.  Please adhere to the matrix for optimal compatibility. 
Bug description for JIRA SM-24412 - Cannot create Site ID for smportlests to a CMIC 12.05.02 system

Special Considerations

Additional Information
With CMIC 12.05.02 or later you can login to the cmic and cat the nodesoftware.ini file from the CMIC to determine what versions the CMIC is looking for to satisfy the dependencies
cmic [1,1,1,63]:/home/cmic # cat /opt/teradata/cmic/data/nodesoftware.ini