Array Drive Channel Failure - Critical Event: 1513 Individual Drive - Degraded Path. WrittenMar 30, 2017


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AIC2 incident created with synopsis AIC2: Array Drive Channel Failure, DA.
Drive 0/9 is causing Channel 2 to be set to Degraded.
Recovery guru of Support bundle shows the below entry:  (note your drive and channel may be different)
Storage array: DAMC001-1-18
Degraded drive paths:
Channel: 2
Related drives: (0, 9)

NetApp Disk Array using 2660 controllers

Faulty drive​.

1. Fail and replace the drive.   
2. Set Channel back to Optimal.  (see additional information below for commands)
Note:If this event 1513 occurs after the drive is replaced and no errors on the drive after replacement,then reboot the controller owning that channel.It should clear the error.

Special Considerations

Additional Information
Use the Symplicity GUI to set the Degraded channel to Optimal.
Or if necessary use SMcli to set the Degraded channel back to Optimal:

SMcli -n DAMC00x-y-z -c "set driveChannel[n] status=optimal;”