Daemon cannot write to the specified Event table. WrittenOct 11, 2016


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Data Mover

Description: Daemon cannot write to the specified Event table.
Meaning: The Data Mover Job cannot write events to the specified Event table.
Probable Cause: Event table is not reachable or there is no more room available in the Event table database.
Recommended Action:
Check if the Event table is accessible from the Data Mover Daemon server. Also check if the Event table database has sufficient space to store new events.
Event Message: Oct 11 18:28:07 DMPROD DataMover[30391]: CRITICAL: DataMover: 4601006 #CRITICAL: Data Mover Daemon: 4601006 #Error writing to td01/datamover_usr. Cannot log messages to Event Table PROD_EVENT.


[Error 2631]  Transaction ABORTed due to Deadlock.

Configure additional event tables to reduce the contention for access to the table.

Special Considerations

Additional Information
  • From the Customer's perspective, the only issue would be the absence of DM Events being added to Event Table. The DM Jobs would continue to work as designed. The DM sends an SQL to DBS for adding an entry to Event Table. The DBS rejects the rows based on Error 2631. A Error 2631 aborted transaction isn't retried implicitly. Upon a Error 2631 failure, the DM Jobs have no impact with the only exception being the absence of Event Table entry.
  • By different Event Table, we meant to configure a set of DM Jobs to use a specific set of Event Table. For example, we can have 1000 DM Jobs using the same Event Table or 1000 DM Jobs using 10 Event Tables, with 100 DM Jobs using 01 Event Table each. Such a setting reduces the concurrent impact on a single Event Table significantly.